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On the 25th of July, players will finally be able to set foot in the Eastern Lands.

On the 25th of July, players will finally be able to set foot in the Eastern Lands. From quests to Player Owned Ports, players will actually be able to go to Eastern Islands and see islands for themselves rather than just send voyages through Player Owned Ports. So with the Arc, a brand new experience is delivered. Firstly it is a closed economy. And it is a fresh starting point for everyone. Everyone is going to come to the Arc, but players will need to earn their own chimes. Everyone starts from the same point. There is a brand new level playing field for everyone.

Players have to complete a small mini-quest in Port Sarim after the invasion there. Once they’ve gathered a crew and a boat, players can visit any of the first three islands that are released with the Arc update. Those islands are Whale’s Maw, Waiko and Aminishi.

First of all, Waiko is the main trading hub and where players will encounter most of the economy for the Arc islands. There is loads of NPCs going about their daily tasks. There are plenty of traders that are willing to give players quests, contracts, and just general tasks to do around the Arc.

And then Whale’s Maw is a small sandy island located in prime fishing waters. So naturally players will find characters like the whaler there. Fishing and hunting are their best skilling opportunities on this island.

And finally there is Aminishi, a Slayer-based island, filled with monks who are trying to attain different levels of enlightenment and become more challenging as they do. Once the monks have ascended to their elemental form, they must then reach spirit dragon form. Rumors say that there is another final form after that, but no one is really lived to tell the tale.

Not only has the official designed and created these three huge islands for the players to explore, on top of that there is a procedurally generated randomized island system. This system is called “The Uncharted Isles”. In order to sail to the uncharted isles, players need supplies. Different voyages cost different amount of supplies. In order to get supplies, players can trade in chimes that they’ve gathered from skilling around the Arc, in Waiko. On these islands, players can find some awesome resources that are a much higher tier than the ones they naturally find on the Arc islands. Players can also find various creatures and enemies that don’t really like their presence there. One of the coolest things about the uncharted islands is if players find an island they really like, it’s got ideal resources, it’s got some really cool animals on it, and players really like the shape, then they can place a flag to claim it as their own. This means that they can return to the island whenever they like to take advantage of the resources there or just to bask in the beauty. One of the benefits to claiming these islands is that players can customize them with various objects, various skilling locations and cool decorations. A couple of examples of these are the hammock, that players can place down and change the time of day by taking a nap, and also the Maui head, which players can get from completing a mini-quest. There is also a slightly random event system which leads to special islands that they can find castaways on.

The uncharted isles and the Arc in general are all about exploration. For this update, one of the main challenges was building these new environments. Lots of the architecture, lots of the creatures, lots of the environments, and the skyboxes are all made brand new for the Arc. Musically it has a very Polynesian feel, because the area’s very bright and colorful. There is new instrumentation, new dynamic sound effects that affect the day/night systems.

All members can access the Arc region, but in order to fully engage with the content, it is recommend that players are at least 90 in certain port skills. In terms of rewards that players can obtain throughout the Arc, they can trade in chimes for an awesome spirit dragon pet, a best in slot tier 85 spear, an assortment of trading improvements for the Waiko trading system, and a huge choice of customizations for their claimed island.

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